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‘Nǐ chīle mǎ?’
‘Have you eaten yet?’ It’s the question we ask in China when we want to know how you are doing. ‘Nǐ chīle mǎ?’ In Asia, food isn’t just a bare necessity. Eating connects, inspires. It creates moments of happiness. Food is also food for the soul. A healthy mind and a healthy body are like yin and yang. Unconditionally connected.

 In China, serving jiaozi is symbolic for serving prosperity. A crispy package of happiness, with roots dating back for 2,000 years. Our crispy dumpling melts East and West together. A fusion of ideas, tastes, smells. Not steamed, but freshly baked. We use an ancient family recipe for our jiaozi. Our aunt and mother gave us this precious gift. YanYan is her name.

Our dumpling is a healthy meal. Made by hand, made with love and prepared with the best local products we can find, fresh from the field. Our inspiration comes from China, our ingredients from around the corner. We would love to tell you all about it. There is a dumpling for everybody you know – also halal, or vegetarian. We offer our tasty friend to everyone who celebrates life, who is curious for what our world has to offer and to anyone who likes a pleasant surprise.

You can find us in the heart of Amsterdam, capital of the Netherlands, melting pot of the world. Our home is your home, styled according to the feng shui principles and influenced by the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi – beauty hides in imperfection. An exotic place to rest, between the canal houses, skyscrapers and apartment buildings. We care for your health and the health of our planet. In everything we do.

Eat at our home, eat at your home, eat with friends, eat with family. Our dumpling is a friend for the day – for dinner, lunch, even breakfast. Why not? Dare to try. There is always a happy moment for enjoying jiaozi. Our packaging is your plate, fully recyclable. There is just one earth and we need to take care of it.

Ready for a new culinary experience?
For our crispy fusion of East and West?
Let’s meet each other in the beauty of the world.
In art, in the future, in the kitchen.

Let’s enjoy life together. Have you eaten yet?

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